Libraries in Milan | Le biblioteche milanesi

Milan has several historical libraries targeting specialized audiences: Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (created in 1770 by Maria Theresa); Biblioteca and Pinacoteca Ambrosiana (founded by Cardinal Borromeo in the XVII Century), with an important Leonardo Codex; Biblioteca Trivulziana at the Castello Sforzesco (with another Leonardo Codex).
Milan’s energetic book market would not be sustainable without the action of over 200 public and private libraries.
Among them, the Public Library System links 24 branch libraries, the bookmobile Bibliobus and the central library Sormani, with the Stendhal Centre.

La rete delle biblioteche milanesi.
The public system offers a collection of 1.350.000 books, 23.000 journals, and 80.000 audiovisual records.
Users can access paper and digital collections, community information services, books and art exhibitions.
In the Greater Milan, 5 other Library Networks link 200 more public libraries.

University libraries have state of the art specialized collections; private libraries complement the network.

I sistemi bibliotecari della Grande Milano

CUBI: la nuova rete di biblioteche pubbliche che nasce dalla collaborazione del Sistema Bibliotecario Milano-Est (SBME) con il Sistema Bibliotecario Vimercatese (SBV).
Sistema Bibliotecario Milano Nord Ovest.
Sistema Bibliotecario Lodigiano.

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